This is our manufacturing facility, deep in West Tennessee. Look closely in front of the left building, and you can see one of our custom-built enclosures sitting on a flatbed trailer ready for shipment.

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DFI has a wide range of buildings available for almost every need.

Our D-model is a series of lightweight, flexible molded covers made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (or FRP.) They offer reasonable sound attenuation and excellent insulation values, at a low cost and quick turnaround. Click here for more information on the D-series...

Our custom buildings are dense and rigid, with superior sound and insulation values. Each building is designed from scratch to meet the demands of the buyer, at a reasonable cost and turnaround. Click here for more information on the custom series...

Our custom foam buildings are a cross between the characteristics of the molded and "regular" custom enclosures. They are thicker and denser than the D-series, but cheaper and more lightweight than the custom buildings. Turnaround is generally faster than the custom buildings; and the sound and insulation properties are generally even better than the D-series. We are planning to expand the site later to provide more detailed information on the custom foam buildings...



Dyer Fiberglass, Inc., was established January, 1972, for the purpose of providing the national marketplace with a responsive source for custom-detailed, corrosion-resistant structures. DFI has historically served the Water and Waterwater Treatment, Industrial Chemical Storage and Material Handling markets; but our buildings and covers have a much wider field of application--any equipment which must be protected from the environment, or from which the environment must be protected. At DFI, our company policy is to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective enclosure possible for our customers.


Dyer Fiberglass, Inc., began as a manufacturer of fiberglass well-head covers for home use. After observing the needs for specialized FRP enclosures in the Water and Waterwater Industry, we designed a series of molded covers to meet these needs. Over a period of years, we have experimented with design processes, using feedback from our customers, until today we are confident that we offer the most effective thermal-and/or-sound insulated molded and customized enclosures for the cost on the market. Perhaps the most significant measure of our quality is the fact that we have become a nationally competitive business and a standard for many specifications.

Dyer Fiberglass is directed by E.A. (Ed) Pratt and J.R. Reed. Ed brings over 30 years of Design, Manufacturing and Marketing experience to DFI: our successful corporate strategies and design specifications have been largely the result of his work. Our Production Manager, Curtis Halford, has had over 25 years of experience at DFI in Design, Manufacturing and Marketing; and is currently our Chief Designer and Scheduler. Mrs. Ellen Pratt is our Office Manager, and has kept the DFI infrastructure running solidly for over 30 years with her responsibilities in Accounting, Insurance and Transportation, as well as Customer Service. Jason Pratt has literally grown up with this company, and has been working as Systems Manager for the last 6 years, as well as assisting with the Marketing, Design and Customer Service responsibilities. Each team member overlaps and reinforces others in responsibility, providing a close-knit and efficient operating system. Each year, DFI successfully completes contracts for Chlorinator/Dechlorinator Equipment Enclosures, Insulated Housing for Equipment and Chemical Storage, and Sound Abatement/Weather Enclosures for Blower Packages. References are available upon request. Years of practical experience under the leadership of Ed Pratt and Curtis Halford have allowed DFI to identify opportunities, turn them into contracts, submit them for approval by consulting firms and ship the finished product to the project site on schedule.


DFI continues to make prudent and careful study of new manufacturing opportunities. Dyer Fiberglass' Layout, Drafting and Reproduction facilities provide for professional detailing and technical submittal presentations. We provide efficient services at a reasonable cost through controlled overhead.