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Notes: This photo shows a worker assembling a customized sound enclosure. (He's standing on a ladder behind the drum, not standing on the drum, in case you were wondering.) This is a good example of the customization process. Typically, DFI offers a set of double doors on each long side of a sound enclosure, but this customer only needed double doors on one long side (opposite the side shown.) However, he did want a small door located between the intake and exhaust openings. This building featured 2" convoluted sound foam (for best sound reduction); and its own exhaust fan. The building shipped with cutout plates over the two large square openings, so that the customer could precisely position his pipes on-site simply by cutting through the relatively thin cutout plates. This building also featured a multi-part roof; ordered specifically in this case because the customer wanted part of the roof to be removable for winching out large pieces of his blower, if necessary. Normally, most customers feel fairly comfortable crane-lifting (or backhoe-lifting!) a single-panelled roof from our buildings, but we didn't mind doing it this way either. Out of everything just mentioned, only the fan and 2" sound foam were adders to the basic cost of this building.